medical terminology; semantization; listening; means of education; speech training


This article discusses the issues of studying medical terminology in linguistic research. Medical terminology is a macrothermal system consisting of subsystems (anatomical-histological, clinical, pharmaceutical), each of which has its own characteristics. It is advisable to take this phenomenon into account when creating a system of tasks and exercises for teaching Russian as a foreign language in medical universities and for students studying in the specialties of medicine. When analyzing methods of semanization of medical terms, the principles of planning a Russian language course program for local students are presented, and methodological techniques for developing dialogic speech skills at different stages of the lesson are proposed. As the most effective methods of teaching the specific features of a language, methods of its use in written or oral speech are considered, which are grouped into the section of internal directions. The criteria for selecting educational material aimed at developing and improving phonetic, lexical, grammatical, morphological and syntactic skills are scientifically substantiated in detail. Particular attention is paid to listening exercises as a mandatory component of the Russian language in accordance with the criteria for studying foreign languages. Important topics and options for working with anatomical and clinical terminology are offered in a group of terms related to the field of medicine. It is concluded that teaching the language of specialty to medical students should be diverse and multifaceted and include activities aimed at achieving three main goals. These are: training, development and educational.
The article analyzes in detail the proposals and views of foreign linguists on this issue. The emergence of the concept of medical terminology, the need to identify and highlight industry units of surrounding objects of reality in the process of linguistic cognition of the world, the fact that terminological concepts in medicine are constantly being improved and changed under the influence of other industry concepts, a special word and its environment, associations, ideas and experiences.



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